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    Mia Best. Director, presents Brave Little Dave in Virgina Library.

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    Children. Support their dreams. Our goal is to be a resource of fun and inspirational books for young readers.

BIG J BOOKS was established in 2010 to publish children’s picture books with bright colors, fun characters and uplifting stories based on themes inspired by the Bible. We publish fiction and non-fiction hardcover picture books for toddlers and children ages 3-12. Brave Little Dave, released in April 2012, is the premiere title under BIG J BOOKS. Currently in production for our next book, I Raised my Hand, we plan to release at least one book per year.

Each book released will have a lesson plan tailored to both educators and ministries. BIG J BOOKS looks to partner with youth organizations to encourage early literacy. 

Mia Best

Mia Best

Communications Director

author and publisher of two children's books. The first book, Brave Little Dave, was published in 2012 and the second, I Raised My Hand, is still in production. Mia is a skilled writer with a BA in Journalism and over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. A native of Caroline County, VA, Mia is a country girl at heart. As a child one of her favorite pass times was finding a quiet corner and creating a new world with pen, paper and her imagination. Journals of poems, stories and diary entries plotted her course to move to New York where she gained experience working in production and casting on movie sets, TV series and award shows. Amidst the glamour, she received a BA in journalism from NYU. Now a stay-at-home mother of two, she is inspired by her children every day and is working to fill their libraries one story at a time.

James Best Jr

James Best Jr

A versatile american artist whose works have been exhibited in national publications, historical institutions and art galleries. James has spent more than 20 years defining identities and creating the visual means for representing them in print and digital media. Some of James' work includes illustrating the children's book, Brave Little Dave, creating and installing "A New Birth in Harlem" -- a mural-sized fine art piece on canvas -- for Marshalls retail store on 125th Street in Harlem, and designing a stained-glass window for the historical St. Phillips Episcopal Church in Brooklyn, NY.

Earned his BFA from The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art and taught at the Cooper Union Saturday Program and Parsons School of Design. He is previous art director at The New York Times and owner of First Class of Color, his design studio located in New Jersey. He began developing Brave Little Dave in 2007 with his wife Mia Best. The duo shaped the characters to have fun and adventure while teaching the importance of prayer, respect, and friendship. Colorful and funny, this book is a gentle reminder to be fearless in the face of intimidation -- especially to a gorilla!

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