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Book Voyages

Age groups: Mini Voyagers (Ages 6 - 9) and Explorer Voyagers (Ages 10-12)

6 week session


Books come to life in this enrichment course that promotes literacy, creative writing, and artistic expression. Students are immersed into, the setting, the story and characters in exciting new ways. Each session will review three books during the course of six weeks. In the 50-minute class, students will discuss the story, characters and theme. Students then get to act out parts of the story with costumes, props and music. Students will create a simple craft to take home for each book. The goal of the course is to ignite a love for literacy that will help students maintain their academic momentum. Course Materials: At the beginning of the course, each student will receive a “Book Voyages Passport” and a bookmark. At the conclusion of the course, each student will receive a t-shirt and a certificate of completion.

Cost: $125.00 per student  (minimum 7 students)

Tags: Children, literary enrichment, cool classes for kids, help kids love reading, arts enrichment

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Big J Books is a Publishing Company

based in the NY-NJ area established in 2010 to publish children’s picture books with bright colors, fun characters and uplifting stories based on themes inspired by the Bible. In 2012 we launched our premiere children’s book Brave Little Dave, a fun reminder of the 23rd Psalm. Big J Books is currently developing illustrations for our next book I Raised My Hand.